July 30, 2020 1 min read

Welcome Nu-Bee's!! 

I am excited to announce the opening of Nu-Bee Creations. My blog will feature some items here and there from the shop especially in the future when my original production line is complete. This will be a personal blog with recommendations, suggestions and tips that helped or didn't help me along the way. I cannot replace expert advice, so please make sure to consult with a doctor for any and all stages of pregnancy or baby needs. 

More so this blog will discuss some of the following:

  • Pregnancy 
  • Pre-Baby Prep
  • Post Baby Prep
  • Tips & Tricks for mom and baby
  • Daddy Time
  • Baby Photoshoots
  • & MORE!

Life as a parent is filled with precious moments. I want to share my journey and also help you build yours. It's great to have a friend who can relate, I encourage open discussions related to the blogs content. 

I ask of you to be courteous, respectful and on your best behavior! We are here to inspire, relate and encourage. Foul language and other harsh comments will not be tolerated. 

Enjoy the summer, take a moment outside by yourself without a mask on (phew) and just breath. Time will keep ticking so don't let it pass you by filled with negativity. There's always a bad 5 minutes and then it's over.

Best of Wishes, Health & Safety


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