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I know I can't hold the excitement of knowing a BABY is in the making! So Congratulations to you and your loved ones. For some this may be the fist baby and for others your crossing your fingers hoping to give your little bee a sister or brother. 

Note: I Do Not get paid to advertise for any suggested products, websites or apps that are mentioned within this post.

Lets start with the first things you should do after finding out the news.

Tell someone -I know you want to so now go SPILL THE BEANS to that important someone. Now, do you tell more people? Well, that part is a personal decision and truly you must think about a few things to take into consideration such as how you would feel if things didn't go so well. 

I can tell you that my decision was to tell my DH (dear husband) only. We wanted to wait until after our second ultrasound scan before we told both sets of parents. I  kept things off of social media and asked anyone else I told to respect my wishes. I didn't announce to everyone until after my anatomy test, since the beginning parts of pregnancy are so fragile. I didn't want a heartbreak to be broadcasted. But don't be afraid to tell your parents or that special person because if you do have a heartbreak, they will be there for you to help you through that time. 

Back in 2018 DH and I had been trying and finally we had come to that exciting day! We were on a road trip that summer just the two of us. Going over baby names and seeing who actually remembered the words to lullaby's (sigh) I definitely knew more songs (I win). During that road trip I had a miscarriage.  That secret remained between the two of us and I felt that just having his support at that time was best for me. No other sad faces, no one else to say sorry to me and poke at that sore spot. It's a moment you don't forget and will not forget. This is the fist time I am actually broadcasting it and even today I can't stop the tears if I talk about that time. So, just think who you would want by your side during a time like this. 

On the BRIGHTER SIDE of things, you have a growing baby in your belly!!! Download an app to keep track of how big the baby is getting and what you should expect as you progress further along. I have used 2 apps throughout my pregnancy and love both. 

Baby Center & Ovia Pregnancy. 

If your not already taking prenatal vitamins, start NOW. Also, you must reduce the coffee intake. I was a big coffee drinker! More than 2 cups sometimes more than 3 cups with extra caffeine if I decided to get a Starbucks Double Shot (yummmy, I miss that). The doctor will tell you how much caffeine is safe during pregnancy. For me I gave it up all the way until the last few months of pregnancy where I would treat myself to a hot or cold coffee but only half a cup. That was my personal choice, you definitely do not have to cut back as much as I chose to. 

There are some foods you must avoid such as soft cheeses like Feta which you can consume only when cooked. Meats must be well done and seafood intake should be reduced as well. Ovia Pregnancy app has a Food Safety Lookup. This helped me out in the very beginning when I questioned everything. Then after a little bit I didn't even need to look, DH and I knew what was good, ok and what I could cheat on lol. 

Buy BELLY BUTTER!! start early with making sure you are lathering up on that tummy of yours. Put lotion everywhere else too, all over your legs especially on top of hips and inner thighs. Basically, you want to cover all stretch mark prone areas so that when you start to grow you can grow nicely and hopefully reduce the stretch marks. Don't forget to put lotion or belly butter on your breast as well. Yes, your breast! They will be sore, but they will be growing, and you could get stretch marks on the bottom and sides of your breast so make sure not to forget them. 

Paperwork! Your OB office will likely send you home with some paperwork that will instruct you on what medications you are allowed to take for certain issues during pregnancy. I suggest if it didn't come in a folder to get one and then place it in your nightstand or someplace that is secure. Any other paperwork that was given then went all in that one folder. You will need this eventually, I know I sure did. Boy, the day I realized I needed medication for an issue I grabbed the paper and started yelling at DH to run to the store because I just couldn't take the discomfort. Yeaaa definitely save that instead of waiting on hold with the office to ask the doctor what to take. 

Start saving for hospital and doctor fees. I have an HSA card that still had money on it from my last job so I used that to help pay any medical bills that wasn't covered by my insurance. Just start putting things aside so it doesn't surprise you too much when they start rolling in. 

Have Fun & take pictures of that bump. It doesn't have to be every week; you can set a timeframe that you like. It's great to see how much you have grown from one phase to the next. 

Lastly, when you go to hear the baby's heartbeat for the first time. Record it!! you can even get a picture frame that records it and you can place your first sono photo in there too....So sweet! Ahh 

Please feel free to suggest any other Must DO's after you find out the good news!

Best of Wishes, Health & Safety


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