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So. Much. FUN! 

You will get lost scrolling through endless cute things to add to your registry. Just try to stay on track because you will be searching for bottles then run across a pacifier that is cute and you are now immediately redirected, and you forgot where you were to begin with. Clothes, BOWS, swaddles, LOVEYS! it's overwhelming and confusing. You need time for this, lot's of time.

A registry is usually started at 20 weeks. Does it have to be? NO, of course not silly. You can start your registry as early as 12 weeks if you so chose to. The only reason that 20 weeks seems to be so popular is that you now know the GENDER! this felt like forever for me, it was way too long. Some may know the gender earlier than 20 weeks if they did the blood test. Next time around I'm doing the blood test, I need to know!

You're going to run into"What do I need?" & "What do I want?" 

Well, start by asking "What do you need?" Maybe your already a mama bee which means it's time to go through those older things and see what you want to re-use if any. Maybe your a nu-bee mama and your best friend, cousin, sister-in-law etc. has hand me downs for you. That's GREAT!!! Those same people will also provide you with the "Don't waste your money on..." and "You must get..." 

Keep in mind your HOUSE. Here is where I noticed a difference in what one person said vs. the other. You WILL get advice, asked for or not. I was told more than 1 highchair is definitely needed so if you are gifted 2 keep it for sure. Pssst guess what? I didn't listen simply because I have a tiny home and do not have room for 2 highchairs plus all other baby things that will be around. Those of you who have a kitchen and then in the back of the house have a family room or four season room seem to place their second items in those rooms. If you are like me, and have a small house or live in an apartment, return the doubled item and buy something more practical

OR the exception would be....GRANDPARENTS!Give them the duplicate items such as highchairs, pack & plays, car seats, strollers etc. Maybe you have grandparents that haven't had kids stay with them since you were little. For me, my in-laws are all set and ready since their youngest grandchild is only 1 years old. My parents however have many grandkids but NO babies. They need some things for when baby visits or stays over. Having a car seat in the grandparents car as well as your car is wonderful! DH (Dear Husband) and I have a car seat in both our cars. Now, we don't have to worry about who is picking the baby up today and rushing to install the car seat in the car that it's needed in.

These are things to take into consideration when going through a registry, then you will know when to put 1 item or 2 items, as well as knowing what to mark as a "Must Have" item. Once you have figured out the rationalization of what you, your baby, your family and your home is looking for, then your process will get easier. 

Now, how about those "What do I want?"Well, that is easy you will probably want just about everything! The way I narrowed it down for myself was by theme of the nursery and seasons. So "I want" to pick items that have certain colors so I can coordinate my nursery room and have it flow beautifully as I change things from one season to the next. If you have a focal point in the room then take a look at the colors and that might give you a great color pallet to work with. My inspiration was actually wallpaper that I fell in love with and absolutely wanted hanging over the crib. This is a focal point so from there I found a nursing pillow cover that resembled the wallpaper and a changing pad liner to go with it. All other items followed the color pallet. The display image of the blog is actually my nursery room, where you can see the wallpaper I love was placed in an old frame that I upcycled to coordinate with the rest of the room. Also, I chose to have owls in the room and my DH chose to have bunnies. Therefore, we ended up with a day and night nature theme that accentuated on owls and bunnies. 

As for the seasons as I mentioned I chose tones of the same color pallet to accent off the seasons. If you are in Spring or Summer then you may want to go with lighter tones of the same color and in Fall and Winter go with deeper tones of the same color pallet. You can also choose coordinating colors depending on what your pallet looks like. I want the nursery to have the same feel as the rest of the house which means I will be adding some sweet seasonal touches to the room to help boost the feel a bit. Another thing I did was chose cute holiday or special occasion outfits that pertained to my little bees month. This way when that holiday/special occasion came along I had some cute clothes to dress my little bee in. Valentine's day, I added anything that had hearts! 

The Matchstick Heart Swaddle is the perfect example of a holiday add on.

Knowing these details helps narrow down your search. You can then search by more directly entering in things that are best suited for your pattern or color choices.

Hope this was insightful, have fun I cant wait to hear what you have to share on the topic. 

Best of Wishes, Health & Safety


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